PDO (polydioxanone) THREAD LIFT is a procedure that uses dissolvable sutures to lift & contour the face and simultaneously tighten the skin with its various properties. As PDO threads break down by your body through a process called hydrolysis, it triggers another process called collagen neogenesis. This process allows your body to produce an influx of collagen in focused areas where the threads are placed which results in lifted, tightened skin & long lasting, natural results.

Results vary depending on treated area, types of threads used, and patients current baseline.

Allow 2 – 4 week downtime. Depending on intensity of treatment & treated area, downtime may vary.


Brow Lift: $1,000

Cheek Lift: $1,500

Mid Face: $3,000

Jowl/Jawline : $1,500

Nose Tip : $750

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