We have expertise in removing microblading and or permanent makeup  tattoo pigment with our Cynosure PicoPure device to provide you with excellent results.  Treatments are dependent upon the ink used during your microblading, depth of the micro-blading, age of the tattoo, and your background skin pigment.  Our PicoSure is extremely safe to use over your eyebrow hair without damaging, burning, or scaring your hair follicles. IT WILL TEMPORARILY TURN BROW HAIR WHITE (for up to a few weeks). 


$500 per session.

Multiple sessions will be required. 


No, since this technology uses light energy it does not affect the hair follicle. It will affect the color of the brow hair, turning it white temporarily (for up to a few weeks). 

Yes. Be aware that during the duration of your treatments your eyebrow hair may turn white temporarily. Scabs or blisters are normal responses at treated areas. You CANNOT dye your brows during the process, but you can use temporary colored brow gels/powders.

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